Gateway School

Gateway School was founded in 1957 and is an 11-month, nonpublic, coeducational facility for children ages 2 through 15 with communication challenges. We are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Gateway School meets the criteria for non-public tuition assistance and private pay students also attend. Our state-of-the-art campus offers bright classrooms equipped with sound-field systems and personal FM systems, speech-language therapy rooms, a library, computer lab, auditorium, gymnasium, and playground.

Special education teachers and instructional assistants implement our educational program for your child. The special education teachers are responsible for classroom management, modifying the curriculum to meet your child's needs, and they are responsible for the direct supervision of instructional assistants. All members of your child’s multidisciplinary team meet the training requirements of their professional associations and are certified and licensed in Maryland. Students are assigned to classes based on chronological age, language age, and the level of academic performance. Social skills and behavioral functioning are also taken into consideration in making class assignments.

Gateway School is a warm, nurturing place where children are individuals. Each child's program is developed based on his/her communication, educational, social, and behavioral needs. Using research-based intervention strategies and a positive behavioral intervention program along with intensive therapy as needed, children advance appropriately toward attaining language, social, motor, and academic goals. Language experiences and direct instruction facilitate language, cognition, and academic readiness for preschool students. For older students in kindergarten, grades one through eight, or a non-graded program, the curriculum incorporates language learning within the subject areas of reading, written language, mathematics, science, and social studies. The development of social and adaptive/life skills for school and the community is fostered throughout the program for all students. In addition, all students participate in weekly computer instruction, music, art, library, and recreation classes. 


At Gateway School your child understands clearly what type of behavior is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Good behavior is reinforced in a number of ways, and your child has numerous opportunities throughout the week to earn “gold” (gold doubloons), which he/she can use to “purchase” items at the Gateway store every Friday. The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) approach addresses problem behavior by identifying the following:

  • The environmental events, circumstances, and interactions that trigger problem behavior
  • The purpose of the problem behavior
  • The best support strategies for preventing the problem behavior 

All of our students are taught to Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be Ready

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