Adult Aural Rehabilitation

Adult Aural/Audiologic Rehabilitation is a multi-faceted approach to helping adults adjust to their hearing loss.  It incorporates expertise from a variety of specialists and professionals, such as physicians, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and vocational counselors. 

Aural Rehabilitation involves multiple components according to the patient’s needs. Rehabilitation includes:

  • an assessment of the patient’s level and impact of hearing loss;
  • an exploration of the option of hearing aids (or other assistive listening devices); 
  • learning alternative listening and communication strategies;
  • counseling for coping with the emotional, psychological, and occupational impacts involving hearing loss. 

Rehabilitation Goals

Overall, the goal of Aural Rehabilitation is to educate patients about the biology and management of hearing loss, facilitate better hearing and communication skills, and reduce the patient’s frustration and isolation caused by hearing impairments.

If you are an adult, aural/audiologic rehabilitation services will focus on adjusting to your hearing loss, making the best use of your hearing aids, exploring assistive devices that might help, managing conversations, and taking charge of your communication. Services can be individual, in small groups, or a combination of both.

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