Accent Modification, Accent Reduction

Accent modification, also known as accent reduction, is the process of learning a new accent or changing your speech production. Everyone has an accent, and while accents are not speech impairments, they can sometimes make communication difficult between people with different accents. Accent Modification is employed by native and non-native speakers who want to communicate more effectively with listeners who have a different accent. The process involves the speaker perfecting the desired accent’s pronunciation, intonation, and syllable stress of words, as well as the general rhythm and timing of speech. 

Types of people who seek help with accent modification

  • Non-native English speakers
  • Native speakers who want to change their accent
  • Professionals who wish to communicate more effectively
  • Actors learning a new accent for a role

Accent modification can reduce frustration of speakers with strong regional or foreign accents who are often misunderstood or asked to repeat themselves. It can also increase social and professional opportunities for these individuals. 

A speech language pathologist can help individuals modify accents by working with:

  • pronunciation
  • rhythm and timing
  • intonation
  • syllable stress

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