A Tiered Approach - Hearing and Speech Agency

A Tiered Approach

In the process of creating our new Strategic Plan, we sought feedback from community partners, funders, volunteers, staff, and constituents through a series of focus groups and survey sessions. Our new mission, vision, and values come directly from the information received from these community meetings.

You are probably already familiar with the life-changing interpreting, therapeutic, and special education programs that happen on our Baltimore campus. This plan allows our team to expand our services throughout the region in the following ways:

Education: All early learners deserve to be kindergarten ready. HASA will work to improve access to programs that do just that through strategic partnerships and targeted community programming.

Hearing Health: Noise-induced hearing loss (and a lack of access to affordable hearing health care) is a public health crisis. HASA will educate the community on the importance of hearing conservation and fight for affordable treatment options for consumers.

Inclusion: Diversity in communication modalities is an important component of an inclusive society. HASA will work to ensure that employers, schools, and others have the tools they need to welcome communication diversity at their organizations.

Language Access: American Sign Language (ASL) is a viable communication tool for the hearing and the Deaf community.  We will continue to expand sign language programs in the community.

Speech & Language: Intervention and treatment of speech and language conditions improve educational outcomes for children and has a tremendous impact on success in adult life.  HASA will continue to advocate for those who need a voice.

Our promise to the community is that HASA will continue a culture of integrity, compassion, and equity for our customers, clients, students, donors, employees, and volunteers at every available opportunity.

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