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HASA Literacy Camp Newsletter

What a fantastic first week of camp! Starting from Day one, we were off to a great start! We have such a fantastic group of kids this year and are enjoying each and every one.

MONDAY: We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We started off by playing games and answering questions to understand cause and effect and basic predictions. Our friends did a fantastic job of answering some of these questions such as what will happen if you come inside the house with muddy shoes?  We then read the story and enjoyed reading about how one thing led to the next and, in the end, it started all over again! Following the story, we sang Hickory Dickory Dock and played Mouse Says (aka Simon Says). We got to take turns being the mouse leader. We then had a great time making paper plate cookies. We enjoyed cookies for snack and sequenced and recapped our story. Finally, we played alphabet/phonemic awareness games and solved What am I? riddles. It was a great first day!




TUESDAY: We read The Rainbow Fish. We all got to be different characters from the book and acted out the story as we read. We discussed how sharing made the other fish feel happy and worked on identifying kind/not kind scenarios. Then we sand and did motions to the I'm a Little Fish song. We played will you be a friend of mine and each got a chance to lead a motion. Next, we played a compliment game and complimented our friends. We enjoyed eating fish and water for a snack and had a nice discussion during snack time. After snack, we made our very own beautiful rainbow fish, taking care to share and pass materials to our friends. Last, we enjoyed playing fishing games int eh ponds around the room. Another great day of camp!




WEDNESDAY: We read Mouse Paint. We shared our favorite color with the group and brainstormed items of that color. Then we read all about three mice who had a blast painting, combining colors, and staying safe from the cat. We used manipulatives and talked about mixing colors to make new colors. Then we sang Three Blind Mice. Following our song, we painted heart mice and made slime! We had CheeZ-It crackers for a snack and played who has the cheese and red light, green light.




THURSDAY: We read Owl Babies. We played an owl rhyme match-up game on the whiteboard. We then read our story, predicted where the mother went and sequenced the events of the story. We sang Late at Night and If you Want to be an Owl and enjoyed making up motions to go along with the song. Then, we made our very own nests for pretend little birds. Following our craft, we ate chocolate eggs and/or bird food (fruity pebbles) for a snack. After snack, we wrote letters and words in rice. Finally, we played a parachute game, with letters of the alphabet hiding under the parachute. We identified the letter and words that went with it. A great ending to a fantastic first week of camp!


Thank you very much to our skilled volunteers who are generously donating their time to making camp run smoothly!

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