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Student Spotlight: Bella Gullia

Currently the Assistant Director of Student Engagement at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Bella recently decided she wanted to learn more about ASL. Bella took a sign language class in college and wanted to continue learning the physical language to improve her ability to communicate with everyone. Learning ASL helped Bella gain patience with people and has allowed her to grow an appreciation for the language. She can now hold conversations in sign language leading to exciting new friendships which would not have been possible before taking ASL at HASA.


Using what she has learned, Bella has been able to teach her students and co-workers at MICA how to sign. “It has been enjoyable to teach them, practice together, and sign when we are across the room!” she shares. Working part time at a restaurant has also given Bella the opportunity to use her ASL skills to communicate with Deaf customers, taking orders and chatting.

The classes offered at HASA are structured, but allow students to learn real-world signs and phrases. Along with the topics covered in her ASL textbook, Bella learned references to politics, pop culture, and signs to use in everyday conversations. Some of Bella’s favorite HASA memories are the celebrations her class had at the end of each semester. “We got to eat together in a community and learn signs for the food we were sharing” Bella described.  

HASA has helped Bella and many others connect with the Deaf community in a low-pressure, affordable setting. Varied course offerings, along with fantastic teachers and full ASL immersion, have made it possible for Bella and others to continue learning far beyond the basics of ASL 1. 

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