Whildin Society

The Whildin Society celebrates and honors committed HASA supporters and provides financial stability to interpreting, educational and therapeutic programs through monthly giving. Whildin Society members also have exclusive access to HASA events, classes, programs, and merchandise!




By giving monthly to HASA, you will become a member of The Whildin Society and be able to help a client connect with their world.

What could your gift do? As little as $5 a month Could Mean a life-saving connection 


$5 a month can provide a speech-language therapy session for a child who struggles to communicate.

$10 a month can provide ASL-accessible programming at a local arts event, community program, or the funeral of a Deaf community member.  

$25 a month can provide a hearing device to an older adult who is hard of hearing who would otherwise be unable to afford hearing health services.

$50 a month can provide specialized support for a student with communication challenges, empowering them to participate in class,  improve social skills, and grow academically.

$100 a month can sponsor one family’s speech and occupational therapy bill for a year. This gift provides relief to a family already struggling and opens the doors to true connection and communication with their child.

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