No Ball at All


NO BALL AT ALL is a non-event and online auction to raise funds for HASA programs across Maryland that connect people to their worlds. This gathering will never take place, and you don’t have to give up a precious evening or weekend to attend one more event. Even so, we need your help. 

For you, it means that you won’t be spending money on a baby sitter, new outfit, hairdresser, or raffle tickets. For HASA, it means that we don’t have to find a venue, hire a caterer, contemplate centerpieces, organize a raffle, or plan a program for a one-day event. Instead, we can focus our staff and volunteer time on the essential issues of education, hearing health, inclusion, language access, and speech and language!

HASAHarry and Jeanette Weinberg Building 5900 Metro Drive Baltimore, MD 21215 410.318.6780