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Sounds good to me!

Sounds good to me!

Frequently Asked Questions about Loud Sounds and Hearing Health


1. How are sounds measured?


Sounds are measured using decibels (dBs). Decibels tell us the strength of a sound we are hearing.


2. How loud is too loud?


Sounds louder than 85 dBs can damage your hearing in just eight minutes.


3. What daily situations can hurt my ears?


Sounds like sirens, construction, and music in earbuds can hurt your ears. A noisy cafeteria or gym can be louder than 90 dBs.


4. How do you lose your hearing?


The inside of your ears have tiny, microscopic hairs that grab onto sounds and send them to the brain. These tiny hairs are very fragile and cannot be repaired if they are damaged. Over time, loud sounds damage these tiny hairs, leading to hearing loss.


5. How can I protect my hearing?


Protecting your hearing is easy! If you are in a loud situation, cover your ears or wear earplugs! You can also protect your ears by lowering the music on your headphones or moving away from loud sounds. 


6. Why should I care?


Think about all the things you use your ears for. Without your hearing, you wouldn’t be able to hear your favorite song, talk with your friends, or notice a car coming while you cross the street. You’d have to pay very close attention with your other senses and may miss out on some of the things you love! Plus, hearing loss can make other health problems worse and can make it harder to get help from a doctor.

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