The Baltimore SoundScape Project

For a Sound-Conscious City

Help map Baltimore?s unique sound print. You can be part of this historic event by sharing the quintessential sounds of Charm City. Record what you hear in your Baltimore and upload them to our sound map.

Spread the Word about the campaign and promote a more sound-conscious city!

We have created a decibel map of our city–measuring the level of sound at designated points. We invite you to add your Baltimore sounds to our soundscape map.

Maryland Zoo

Upload sound files here!

You can upload by using:

Inner Harbor


Submit the coolest, most interesting sound clip and you will be designated the “Charm City Sound Czar,” complete with your own set of business cards.

Do the sharks at the aquarium make noises? What does a Chesapeake Bay clam boat sound like? Submit your own ideas of interesting Baltimore sounds right here!

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