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Sounds Like Spring

Although the weather seems undecided, spring is almost here! In the midst of excitement to spend time outdoors and in the sunshine for the first time in months, we want to highlight some well-loved spring sounds and ways to keep your hearing safe in every season.


1. Sports games

You can’t beat the loud excitement and energy at an Orioles’ game or the joy of a youth sports league. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the music, and the announcers all make spring sports games enjoyable experiences. To protect your hearing, try tossing a pair of earplugs into your pocket or bag. If things get too noisy, you can quickly put in earplugs and get back to enjoying the game!


2. Gardening/Lawn Care

While mowing and trimming may not be the most fun spring activities, there’s something satisfying about a freshly-tended lawn or garden. What’s not satisfying, however, is the noise that comes along with many yard tools. When mowing or using other loud tools, use earplugs or over-ear earmuffs to protect your hearing.


3. Pumped Up Runs

With warm weather finally here, it’s the perfect time to put on your headphones and take a nice run or walk. Keep an eye on your music’s volume, though. If you can’t hear ambient noise from the street or path around you, it’s too loud!


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