HASA Literacy Camp Newsletter - Week Two - Hearing and Speech Agency

HASA Literacy Camp Newsletter - Week Two

MONDAY: On Monday we read What I Like About Me all about different features that people have and things that make us unique! We enjoyed discussing the different identifiers (e.g., eyebrows, glasses, freckles, short/tall) and noticing the people in our group who had those attributes. We played Simon Says and worked on identifying different body parts as well as following directions. We had a great time singing “head shoulders knees and toes” all different ways-our favorite was super-fast! An exciting part of the day was making faces with edible ingredients for a snack.  We used chocolate for the eyes and nose, licorice for hair, a rice cake for the face, and a gummy mouth! Next, we made big, cutout people and decorated them to our liking. Finally, we enjoyed playing with Mr. Potato Head, dress up dolls and bears and other people-related toys during pretend play time. A great start to Week 2! 



TUESDAY: On Tuesday we read The Napping House. We started off by using our inferencing skills to figure out where various items belonged. We sorted the items into 4 categories and had a great time taking turns and showing the items to our peers. Then we read the story and answered comprehension questions. Following the story, we sang and acted out “There were Ten in the Bed”.  Then we sat down for category-based table work. We sorted items into different rooms and used reasoning skills to figure out where each item belonged and to identify a described item. For a snack, we built houses from graham crackers and marshmallow fluff-a delicious highlight. Last, we enjoyed pretend play time and worked on interacting with peers while playing with the dollhouses. 







WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday we read Caps for Sale. We worked on the concepts same and different using concrete examples. Then we read the book and answered questions related to the story. We enjoyed acting out the story by doing the actions that the man did. Then we sang and acted “5 Little Monkeys”.  We then made our own caps to wear and enjoyed animal crackers for a snack. We played Jumping Monkeys together and then enjoyed a trip to the gym to play “follow the leader” with the parachute. We sang songs and rhymes during the parachute game and also had some time for other movement activities. Last, we came back to the classroom and made beautiful picture frames.




THURSDAY: On Thursday we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and metamorphosis. We played a game about how things change and gave examples of things changing from one state to another (e.g., orange->juice, kitten-> cat). We loved reading the book with all the fun puppets and manipulatives. We sang many songs about caterpillars and butterflies and the life cycle. Then we made a beautiful butterfly craft. We enjoyed a messy snack of cookie dirt with gummy worms, played ‘caterpillar, caterpillar, butterfly’ (commonly known as Duck Duck Goose) and Colorpillar color game. A wonderful last day of camp!


It has been a pleasure working with your child(ren). We had a fantastic 2 weeks of Summer Literacy camp! Hope to see you back next year!

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