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Deaf Spotlight: Juliette Gordon Low

Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girls Scouts (originally called Girl Guides) in 1912. Many people know much about her extraordinary life, but did you know she was deaf? She began to lose her hearing at the age of 17. Then, at her wedding:

During their ceremony, a grain of rice, thrown by a well-wisher, became lodged in Daisy's ear. The pain of the impacted rice became so great that the couple was forced to return home to have it removed. As a result, Low's hearing was permanently damaged and resulted in frequent ear infections and eventual deafness in both ears.  

To celebrate Girl Scout Week this year, HASA partnered with the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland to teach local troop members how to say the Girl Scout pledge in American Sign Language (ASL).  There was also a lesson with practical scouting signs like "cookie," "camping," and "girls."

To learn more, read her profile at Girls Scouts of America.

Quote from Photo courtesy of Girl Scouts of America

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