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Holiday Survival Tips

The holidays are a great way to come together as a family, but can pose many challenges for individuals who have speech, hearing, and communication difficulties. Instead of staying home and avoiding the chaos, try these tips to bring more joy to the holidays.

How can you help a loved one feel close and part of the fun?
1. Speak clearly – Try to speak slowly and directly to your family member or friend, so that their focus is directly on your conversation
2. Keep competing sounds at bay – try not to have varying volumes in the room. For example, keeping the television volume at a normal level with subtitles can help with all the other noises interfering throughout the room. This alleviates stress and helps with better communication.
3. Be patient and stay close – By keeping your composure and allowing the person to finish talking, helps them feel more relaxed. Staying close by helps them hear better and feel valued.
4. Prep talks – If your child or loved one has special needs, they may benefit most from preparation around what to expect. Practicing table manners, showing them pictures of family members they will be seeing, and activities to expect are a few ways to help them prepare.
5. Create a Safe Zone – If your child becomes overwhelmed and stressed, allow them to exit the area and show them where they can calm down in a quiet room. This will help them feel less trapped in a hectic environment.
6. Educate your family – If your family is not familiar with how to interact around your loved one or child, share some helpful tips on what works best. For example, if your loved one or child has difficulty formulating specific sounds or stutters, inform your family to be patient and allow them to finish their word instead of interrupting them.
Family time should be spent well together, and everyone communicates and responds differently. The holidays can be very busy and hectic for some, and it’s important to recognize and be sensitive to the needs of others. These tips will help you and your family enjoy your holiday season together.

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