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Hidden Hearing Risks: Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here! Whether you are celebrating the end of the school year or sitting in the office daydreaming about your next adventure, the long days of summer bring excitement and plenty of new activities to try. While we at HASA fully support diving into whatever brings you joy this summer, make sure you aren’t causing irreparable hearing damage. Follow the tips below to keep your summer safe and fun!


Carry disposable earplugs in your beach bag, backpack, or purse.

Many summer adventures include a large dose of noise. From boat rides to outdoor concerts to fireworks, exposure to sounds louder than 85 decibels for more than a few minutes can cause irreversible hearing damage. Soft foam earplugs are the perfect way to protect your hearing on the go!


Download a decibel measuring app on your phone.

It’s often hard to determine if an environment is dangerously loud - especially if the noise level has increased very gradually. An app on your phone can quickly tell you the noise level around you so you know when to take a break or use your earplugs!


Plan ahead.

This is especially important if someone in your circle is sensitive to loud noise, either because they are hard-of-hearing or because of other sensory sensitivities. Consider leaving before fireworks start at a baseball game or finding a quieter seat for outdoor concerts.


When in doubt, step away.

If you aren’t sure a situation is safe for your hearing, step away. Take a break, cover your ears, or put in earplugs (or noise-cancelling headphones). A few more minutes of summer fun may not be worth hearing damage!


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