Gateway Happenings November 2018 - Hearing and Speech Agency

Gateway Happenings November 2018


Mrs. Pat Phillips is the heart and hero of HASA’s Gateway School. Her kindness and warmth welcome each child, family, and visitor to the school.  She is a team player who is here for the children. Ms. Pat arrives early and stays late to ensure that the school is the best it can be for the students, teachers, and staff.  She is known for her chocolate stash and pandas, and her hard work and dedication to the school. For 23 years, Ms. Pat has been making HASA a better place every day just by her presence.  

Ms. Pat, thank you for all you do for us every day. This Thanksgiving season, we are THANKFUL for MS. PAT!


Our school has previewed multiple curriculums and has decided to implement the Unique Learning System. Unique is an evidence-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of the learner. There are 3 tiers of instructional levels for all lessons. Content aligns with Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards (MCCRS) to ensure all students are exposed to their grade level curriculum. Gateway teachers will have access to the comprehensive online curriculum, materials, assessments, and progress monitoring to plan appropriately for their student.  Unique will allow our teachers to utilize the progress monitoring feature to ensure that the instruction and materials meet the ability level of the student. Once our teachers are oriented with the curriculum, families will have access to online materials to reinforce content at home.

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