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Dining out and Dialing Down

With the chaos and adventure of summer plans, we all could use an evening away to relax. The perfect escape is an evening at one of the area’s most popular restaurants.



Baltimore Restaurant Week: July 27 - August 5 


DC Restaurant Week: August 13 - August 19


When choosing the perfect restaurant, sound level is important. Not only can loud restaurants ruin an evening, you could be sacrificing your long-term hearing health in exchange for a gourmet meal. To keep your night out easy and fun, check out the restaurant beforehand using SoundPrint. iPhone users can also record restaurant noise levels themselves using the app.



Want to be sure your server is a clear communicator? Check out our list of Hearing Hospitality trained restaurants. Staff at each of these locations have been trained on effective communication and service for individuals who are hard-of-hearing or have unique communication needs.



You can even try hitting the most popular restaurants at off-peak hours - fewer people = less noise!



Above all, have fun! Once you have found a restaurant conducive to communication, relax and enjoy the best food the region has to offer!

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