• Visual Storytelling

    Visual Storytelling

    This series of HASA FACTS launched on Instagram on July 1 and will continue – one fact per day – until our 90th Anniversary date of November 19, 2016.  In case you’re wondering, that amounts to 507 facts about communication, sign language, healthy hearing, speech & language issues, autism, and HASA history.  READ MORE>>

  • A Very Simple Idea

    A Very Simple Idea

    Our voice is a reflection of our identity, and for the transgender community, it is a challenging-- but important-- part of understanding who we are. READ MORE>>

  • The Hunt for History: Baltimore's HASA

    The Hunt for History: Baltimore's HASA

    With my hand on the door handle, a thought struck me going into my interview with HASA; in all my organizational research, I forgot to dig deeper into the organization’s and founder's history. Stomach in throat and fingers crossed that I would not be asked any questions about HASA’s founder, Dr. Olive Whildin, I entered my interview. READ MORE>>

  • A Good Reason to Lose Some Sleep

    A Good Reason to Lose Some Sleep

    My clock radio roars to life, rudely jarring me out of my slumber with news of an accident on I-295, predictions of oppressive humidity, or other cheery tidbit.  It’s 6:00 a.m., time to rise and shine (and by “shine” I mean “stumble around clumsily”).  My higher faculties have not yet kicked in as I put on my shorts and t-shirt, tie my running shoes, and head out the door. It’s time to hit the jogging trail so READ MORE>>
  • Mr. Binder and the Vigilant Volunteers

    Mr. Binder and the Vigilant Volunteers

    I now have a very large, four-inch black binder that sits on the corner of my desk called “The Volunteer Binder.” This binder and I see a lot of each other throughout the day (we also occasionally have lunch), and he’s the one who really holds the new Volunteer Program together. Organized and efficient, Mr. Binder settled into a routine that was a long time in the making. READ MORE>>

  • Much Larger Than Expected

    Much Larger Than Expected

    Whenever someone new visits my office, their first words are always the same. Without fail, they say, “This place is huge.”   While our lobby is pretty spacious, our building is not really any larger than the other nonprofits in our office park.  It’s just that we’re so much more expansive than expected.  This is due, in part, to the reason(s) a visitor may come through our doors at HASA. READ MORE>>

  • A Clinical Success: Lunch & Learn

    A Clinical Success: Lunch & Learn

    The most important thing you can do for your hearing health is to get a baseline hearing screening. This was the message conveyed by HASA audiologist Dr. Julie Norin at a Lunch & Learn event at The Village of Cross Keys on May 20, 2015. READ MORE>>

  • A Gateway Success: A Sizeable Scholarship

    A Gateway Success: A Sizeable Scholarship

    HASA received its largest non-capital gift in its history in April 2015.  The anonymous $500,000 donation will be used to establish a scholarship fund for students and clients who may otherwise be unable to afford tuition at Gateway School or for therapeutic services in the Clinic. READ MORE>>



    Gateway School celebrated the month of April by “Lighting it Up Blue” with a long, blue paper chain for Autism awareness and planting a Pinwheel Garden to bring attention to the issue of child abuse and neglect. READ MORE>>

  • Blessings for Alex

    Blessings for Alex

    Alex was born with total hearing loss in both ears, and later we discovered that he also had communication difficulties. Alex was hospitalized at 9 1/2 months of age READ MORE>>

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