• HASA's own Mr. Rogers really has something special to celebrate!

    HASA's own Mr. Rogers really has something special to celebrate!

    Join us as we celebrate a milestone birthday for a very special member of the HASA team: Herbert Rogers

  • A Recipe for Commotion

    A Recipe for Commotion

    A Recent article in The Atlantic explores the ways in which current minimalist architectural design has replaced the plush opulence of the past. The article is a welcome addition to the conversation about harmful noise levels in restaurants. For individuals who are hard of hearing, design choices are causing more than just a loud night out. READ MORE>>

  • It's All About Connection

    It's All About Connection

    This past year has been an exciting one for all of us at HASA. Support from our community of donors and volunteers allowed us to launch a number of new initiatives, both on our campus and in the community. READ MORE>>

  • Gateway Happenings November 2018

    Gateway Happenings November 2018

    Read up on November Gateway happenings, learn more about our new curriculum, and see whose face is behind that panda mask.  Hint: it's this month's HASA Hero.

  • Holiday Survival Tips

    Holiday Survival Tips

    Holidays can be a joyful time, but also a frightful time for those with communication challenges. These tips can help you survive the holiday mayhem. READ MORE>>

  • The Day-to-Day: Parent Involvement in Speech Goals

    The Day-to-Day: Parent Involvement in Speech Goals

    Learn how to collaborate with clinicians and incorporate speech activities into your daily routines at home HERE.

  • A Tiered Approach

    A Tiered Approach

    After reviewing feedback from the community, we prioritized what community efforts could make the biggest impact in Baltimore and beyond.  It's all part of our new strategic plan. READ MORE>>

  • Strategic Plan 2018-2021

    Strategic Plan 2018-2021

    In our newly launched strategic plan, we lay out a new mission and vision and define the characteristics that make HASA unique. READ MORE>>

  • Gateway Happenings Fall 2018

    Gateway Happenings Fall 2018

    Read up on some October Gateway happenings, including what's going on in the classroom and a chance to meet this month's HASA Hero, Amy Smith. READ MORE>>

  • August Classroom Corner

    August Classroom Corner

    This academic year, the Gateway teachers and staff are excited to be participating in The Hanen Program Learning Language and Loving It series of trainings for our school staff. READ MORE>>

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