August Classroom Corner - Hearing and Speech Agency

August Classroom Corner

This academic year, the Gateway teachers and staff are excited to be participating in The Hanen Program Learning Language and Loving It series of trainings for our school staff. This training uses evidence-based strategies to create enriched interactive language-learning environments that support all children’s social, language and literacy development. We look forward to sharing resources and tips for language enrichment opportunities throughout the school year!

Learning Language and Loving It provides research-based strategies for:

  • Promoting every child’s language development using natural everyday activities, routines and play
  • Becoming attuned to children’s interests so you can follow their lead, which is known to foster language development
  • Adjusting the way you talk to help children develop more advanced language skills
  • Promoting interaction among the children themselves
  • Facilitating language-learning in pretend play
  • Fostering emergent literacy skills

The Hanen website has a plethora of wonderful parent-friendly resources and information including a Book Nook, Fun Activities, Parent Tips, and Early Literacy, Autism, and Technology Corners. Go to the Helpful Info tab at the top of the webpage to access the great parent resources.

This school year will bring some fun and exciting changes for your children. All students will participate in Music Education taught by a licensed music therapist focusing on social and language skills. This opportunity will benefit all of our students and enrich the academic program.

In addition to our traditional classrooms, some of our learning spaces have been transformed. The children will have the opportunity to engage in play-based learning or have a quiet space for 1:1 instruction to reinforce skills. The Gateway staff, old and new, are looking forward to a wonderful year with your children.  

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