HASA 2020 Annual Report


We are emerging from this unique year strong! Our innovative thinking has shown no limits.

Erin Stauder, CEO/Executive Director
Message from Our CEO:

This year was one filled with both tremendous growth and challenges at HASA.

This year was one filled with both tremendous growth and challenges at HASA. While already operating a non-public school for students from kindergarten through age twelve, we expanded our special education program to include both middle school curriculum and piloted a highly specialized therapeutic program for young children with autism. We created an educational series aimed to bridge the gap between graduation and certification for sign language interpreters. We provided clinical staff with evidenced-based training opportunities offered by international experts to ensure that we are providing our families and clients with high quality and effective intervention strategies. Because of our strong reputation in the community, we were selected to be the Access and Inclusion sponsor for both Artscape and the inaugural Brilliant Baltimore event.

In order to launch these initiatives, we relied heavily on relationships with long-standing community partners (such as the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities, the Community College of Baltimore County, and the Baltimore CIty Infants and Toddlers program) as well as new connections with groups such as the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. These relationships, old and new, became especially important to us on Friday, March 13, 2020 when our world changed.

While we are still responding to the ever-changing healthcare and educational landscape, focusing on strategic projects for the upcoming year has been healing and motivating for the team, demonstrating our shared commitment to HASA’s longevity. We thank you for all your commitment to our institutional capacity, growth, and sustainability.

Charles Schulz is quoted as saying “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” To me, this demonstrates a need for optimism, especially as it relates to situations over which an individual can have no control (such as a global pandemic). HASA’s innovative and nimble response to the COVID-19 crisis tells me that we will emerge even stronger when the sun rises and tomorrow comes.

Erin Stauder Erin Stauder, CEO/Executive Director
Erin K. Stauder, CEO/Executive Director


Individuals received speech, audiology and occupational therapy services and treatment


Total hours of Special Education Instruction

Keeping Promises to our Community


Speech Therapy Sessions


ABA Therapy Sessions


Gateway Students Served

Trevor’s Triumph at the Gateway School
From Carole Taylor, Trevor’s Mom

Trevor’s Triumph at the Gateway School

Trevor came to Gateway School when he was 5 years old and only communicated using two-word phrases. It was so hard to have a nearly 6-year-old and not be able to ask him how his day was and learn what he did at school. Within a year or so, Trevor was speaking in short sentences and could come home from school and share his most memorable thing about his school day. As his parents, this was the greatest gift. Now at 9 years old, sometimes we can’t get Trevor to stop talking if he is excited to tell you things. What a difference! One of the best things about Gateway is they are providing Trevor with everything he needs, he is learning and receiving therapies in an environment that allows him to do his best every day. Trevor still has a lot of hard work ahead of him, but the best thing for Trevor has been Gateway School. He is loved, he is safe, he is happy and he is learning.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone including special needs parents. His teachers and therapists worked so hard at virtual learning but also were so understanding of all of the challenges that parents were facing. I have felt supported every step of the way. We are so happy that Trevor has been able to be back in the classroom and so is he.

What a difference! One of the best things about Gateway is they are providing Trevor with everything he needs; he is learning and receiving therapies in an environment that allows him to do his best every day.

Carole Taylor, Trevor’s Mom

Building Awareness
Through Education


Million Media Impressions


Broadcast Interviews


Print and Digital Articles

Events, Education, and More

Every day, we make a difference with our clients and community.

HASA has been increasing our awareness through community and educational events by creating a public and digital presence. Our organization and staff are making a meaningful difference each day and are helping to ensure that we continue to educate for the benefit of each individual. Partnerships with the City of Baltimore, social fundraising events and ASL training are just a few examples. Together we continue to evolve and connect with our growing community of partnerships:

Baltimore Office of Promtion and the Arts Sterilex Qlarant Truist


Media Placements


Increase in Coverage Year-Over-Year


Contributed Columns

Innovation: 2020’s
Unplanned Strategy

By rethinking and integrating new approaches and services, HASA continues to support our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emerging with new solutions, the result allows our most vulnerable clients access to our teletherapy and remote learning services. We continue to strive in our forward thinking for new applications for our community.

  • Created a successful “curbside” hearing aid repair
  • Continued to provide onsite audiology services at pediatric hospitals and nursing homes
  • Launched a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform for speech, audiology, and occupational therapy to provide teletherapy sessions
  • Facilitated 1,068 COVID-related live-Zoom teletherapy sessions by school-based therapists
  • Hosted 1,044 COVID-related live-Zoom special education instruction sessions with a teacher

HASA by the Numbers*

We were able to successfully and quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting our operations to protect our assets while continuing to serve our community.

The pandemic significantly impacted our investments and revenue generated from clinical and sign language interpreting services. This resulted in a year-over-year revenue loss of approximately 9%, making it impossible to cover losses associated with depreciation and the Payroll Protection Program, resulting in a deficit for FY20.

Across the Agency


American Sign Language Students


Total Individuals Served and Connected


Total school-based speech therapy sessions


Number of Interpreted Hours


Total Speech, Language & Hearing Health (Clinic) Sessions


Donated Interpreting Services


CIRS Customers


Recipients of Charitable Care Services of speech, audiology and occupational therapy and treatment from July 2019 to June 2020

Financial Highlights

Revenue Totals


By Department Breakdown of HASA revenue
Gateway School
CIRS Language Access & Inclusion
Speech, Language & Hearing Health Clinic
Donations & Public Support
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By Need Breakdown of HASA expenses
Programs & Services
Fundraising & Administration

*Please visit hasa.org to request a copy of HASA's audited financials or most recent 990s for fiscal year 2019-2020 (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020).