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Improving Communication in Your Workplace

Communication in the workplace extends far beyond spoken language; you can send a message with a smile, a look, or a sigh. A workplace communication environment that includes the many variations of communication is simply good business!  


There are currently more than 40 million deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals in the United States. These individuals are consumers, potential clients, customers, and employees. Communication is the key to establishing a prosperous relationship for employers, employees, and customers. This holds true for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, but good communication practices benefit your business as a whole. Many of us can think of an older family member, friend, or colleague who has shown signs of hearing loss as they have aged. We may be experiencing hearing loss or communication challenges ourselves!



    Simple steps to communication success!


Some things you can do to improve communication accessibility for all those with communication challenges are:

  • Caption training and promotional videos
  • Provide printed materials to support training and promotional videos/presentations
  • Familiarize yourself with communication strategies
  • Install a video phone system for visual communication
  • Reach out to experts for Deaf culture and awareness workshops
  • Research federal tax credits, tax deductions, and other funding sources to cover any ADA accommodations (Start here.)
  • When interviewing or hiring a deaf job candidate, ASK THEM WHAT THEY NEED. Job candidates have the responsibility to communicate necessary accommodations. And as we already know, good communication makes good business sense.


Still worried about ADA compliance?

Establish strategic partnerships.

HASA’s CIRS Interpreting has all of the resources you need to identify your needs, establish roles and responsibilities, and hire interpreters when (and if) necessary. By utilizing affordable (and tax-deductible!) resources, you can quickly and easily create an inclusive communication environment in your workplace!


Need more reasons to create an inclusive workplace? Universal Design opens to door to increased profits for your business!

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