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What are you doing after graduation?

You just graduated from a four year university! Friday, Saturday and Sunday you celebrate!

And then Monday morning arrives, what are you doing? You've fulfilled your goal of obtaining a degree. You are now searching for your dream career. You've sent in your resume to countless of places but all you've received is silence.

It's only been a few days so you don't panic. Yet. Days turns into weeks and now months. Panic begins to set in. The timeless question pops into your head: What am I doing with my life?

I just received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Deaf Studies and at graduation I was working two part time jobs that were not in my career path. I was still working on reaching my career goal: a certificate in Interpreting. Two years ago, I was working part time as a hostess at a restaurant after graduation. We had about thirty minutes before we locked doors. Another coworker and I were cleaning up our area for the night when a little girl walks up to us. It turned out she was Deaf. I was able to communicate with her because of my signing skills. I had walked her to her table while we waited for her mother to park the car. When the mother came in she saw that I knew American Sign Language (ASL) she started a conversation. She talked about how long their flight was and that they had to kill time before they could go to their hotel they were staying at. We talked for a few minutes before the waiter came over but before I left the mom stated how nice it was to talk to someone who knew her native language. Call it a fluke. Or call it a sign. It felt good knowing I had done something with my degree even if it was a quick second. I ended up leaving that hostess job when I got promoted to management at my other job. I work at my local movie theater and I get the occasional Deaf customers. Using my signing skills outside of school is always a plus.

Is this my dream job? No. Is it helping me towards getting my certificate? Yes. Why is it taking so long for me to receive my certificate? You name it; it's happened to me: Not enough money to register for classes, classes being cancelled because there are not enough students enrolled, and then of course exhaustion. Needing a break from school itself. I know I'm not alone when I say my brain has melted a couple of times because of assignments.

If you don't want to go to college that's fine. Who says you need to go to college? There are other options. Some jobs you work at you can work your way from the bottom to the top. Or how about some sort of trade? I love a good massage and believe it or not we live in a world that runs on electricity. Power outages happen all the time and we need people to bring it back up. In my book those people are heroes, especially with winter around the corner. If you are in school KEEP GOING. I definitely remember the sleepless nights finishing a project and studying. One semester I remember getting sick the day after finals because of the stress. I remember the stress and I also remember the feeling of acing an exam or getting an A on my project. I also remember finding funny memes and videos about college life to lighten my mood. Has anyone seen "Let It Go: College Edition"? College is stressful but doable. YOU CAN DO THIS. Deal with one stress in your life at a time. If you try taking on everything at once you will panic and drown. Remember, things won't go as planned all the time and guess what that is life. Cry, curse, and yell at the sky but afterwards KEEP GOING. 


Kelci is a volunteer Social Media Ambassador for HASA and a graduate of Towson University. 

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