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The Changing Face of Hearing Loss

Many people associate hearing loss as a problem specific to aging individuals. However, new statistics show a rapidly changing picture of who is affected by hearing loss – and why. Since 2000, the number of Americans with hearing loss has doubled, a number that is quickly increasing



Why is this happening?

There are multiple reasons for this shift in the face of hearing loss.

First, the population of Americans over 65 is growing. The overall aging of our population comes with an increase in hearing loss in individuals over 65. 

Second, teens and young adults are exposing themselves to harmful levels of noise without hearing protection. Loud leisure activities, along with almost constantly blaring headphones, put young people at increased risk of hearing damage.


Finally, many Americans experience loud noise at work, putting them at risk for long-term hearing damage and hearing loss. Exposure to construction, manufacturing, or other loud workplaces can cause significant damage, especially without appropriate protection. 


What’s the cost?

Literally, millions of dollars. Over a lifetime, hearing loss can cost an individual anywhere between ten thousand and one million dollars (yes, it’s that expensive!). Not to mention, hearing loss can have serious social and emotional costs.


What can we do about it?

Take steps to protect yourself and those you love! Pay attention to the noise levels around you and use tools to care for your hearing.


These sites offer excellent tips to keep your hearing healthy:

  1. EarQ
  2. NHS
  3. Healthy Hearing


Finally, visit HASA for a hearing screening! We can handle all of your needs from screening to treatment. And to top it all off, our staff is friendly, caring, and some of the best in the field! Schedule an appointment today.

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