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Maryland Text-to-911 System

Early last year, we advocated against a Maryland bill  proposing a “Deaf” designation on license plates. The intentions behind this bill were good: to improve interactions between Deaf individuals and law enforcement. However, a Deaf designation poses a risk to Marylanders who are already disproportionately victims of burglaries, home invasions, and other crimes. In response to this bill, we proposed a variety of public safety solutions to the problems HB 343 aimed to address. One key proposed solution was a text-to-911 system, making emergency services accessible to all those who may need them.


Last week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the implementation of a text-to-911 service across the state. Not only does this service benefit the Deaf community, it provides a safe way to contact authorities in any number of situations where making a call would put an individual in danger.


We at HASA are thrilled that such a critical step has been taking in improving access to emergency services for the Deaf community.

Various reports indicate that the technology could be made available to the public as soon as this fall. We will continue reporting details as we learn specific implementation plans.

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