Spotlight Saturday, Samantha Mason, former Intern at HASA - Hearing and Speech Agency

Spotlight Saturday, Samantha Mason, former Intern at HASA

What drew you to HASA originally? I was drawn to the archival intern position because it would give me an in- depth, behind the scenes look at HASA and how it operates. The main task of my position was digitizing 90 years' worth of HASA records, including photographs and advertising materials, so I was able to get a look at all perspectives, which I found absolutely fascinating.

How long have you been affiliated with HASA and in what capacity? I was only with HASA briefly, from August to December 2015. I worked as an intern in the communications department and spent one day a week scanning and digitizing records.

What is your favorite memory with HASA? I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily Dickerson, former Communications and Community Engagement Manager, and Tammy Black, Director of Development and Communications. They were friendly and open and made the experience a lot of fun.

What's the one thing you want people to know about HASA? I think people should know how much of an impact HASA has on everyone who is a part of it. Seeing the perspectives of students and parents through photographs, advertisements, records, etc. was really neat because I got to see every different point of view. HASA provides a sense of community for everyone involved.

What are three words to describe HASA? Community, caring, passionate

What do you like most about HASA? I think the people are what make HASA so great. Everyone from the employees to the students, parents, and surrounding community plays a role in making the environment friendly and welcoming. I never felt out of place even though I wasn’t there for very long.

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