Spotlight Saturday, Pat Phillips, Administrative Assistant  - Hearing and Speech Agency

Spotlight Saturday, Pat Phillips, Administrative Assistant

What drew you to HASA originally?   I was working at the MD School for the Blind and they were starting to downsize.  A friend of mine worked at HASA and told me they were advertising for an administrative assistant in the Gateway School office.  She told me how HASA had so many wonderful professionals doing so many wonderful things and she felt that I would enjoy working here.

How long have you been affiliated with HASA and in what capacity?  I have been at HASA for 22 wonderful years as administrative assistant in the Gateway School office.

What is your favorite memory with HASA?  There are so many wonderful memories over the 22 years but one of them is a student who always came into my office to bring me attendance or papers never spoke a word.  He was totally nonverbal and would just hand me the attendance or the papers and leave.  The conversation was always one-sided.  One day he came into my office, stool in front of my desk, looked at me and said “Hi”.  To hear him speak to me for the first time was a wonderful experience and his language just got better and better. We eventually had conversations together.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about HASA?  What I want people to know about HASA is the many different programs we have at HASA that service so many people of all ages.

What are three words to describe HASA?  Caring, understanding and accomplishment

What is your favorite word?   Perfect

What do you like most about HASA?  What I like most about HASA is how our professional staff make a difference in so many lives from the youngest little person to our senior citizens.

What have you gained from being affiliated with HASA?  I have become more understanding of children’s and adults’ needs and I have become a more compassionate person.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.  I have my motorcycle license and I use to own my own bike.  When gas was so expensive and we had gas lines that were so long, I found out that my bike would go twice the distance and maybe further on the gas that I would put in my bike compared to the gas I used in my car.   

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