Spotlight Saturday, Eileen Cuttill, Executive Assistant - Hearing and Speech Agency

Spotlight Saturday, Eileen Cuttill, Executive Assistant

What drew you to HASA originally? When I had worked in the Marketing Department at Eastern Savings Bank (Bank), I received a donation request from one of our customers who worked at HASA. The Bank gave a donation and my boss was invited to tour HASA. She came back and spoke highly about HASA. Years later, when I was looking into working for a nonprofit in the role of Executive Assistant, I checked to see if HASA was hiring an Executive Assistant, and they were! 

How long have you been affiliated with HASA and in what capacity? I have been the Executive Assistant for almost six years.

What is your favorite memory with HASA? My favorite memory is when I was greeting children in the front lobby as they arrived for school, and I heard for the first time one of our nonverbal children speak! I now have conversations with her.

What's the one thing you want people to know about HASA? I want people to know that we honor all modes of communication.

What are three words to describe HASA? Friendly, caring, and welcoming.

What is your favorite word? Peace.

What do you like most about HASA? I enjoy volunteering and reading to the students in our new pre-k program and in Gateway School. I also like that we offer so many wonderful programs to the community.

What have you gained from being affiliated with HASA? I have gained knowledge about so many different and interesting topics!

Tell us something surprising about yourself. I enjoy singing as my friend accompanies me on guitar. 

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