The Baltimore SoundScape Project

For a Sound-Conscious City

Help map Baltimore?s unique sound print. You can be part of this historic event by sharing the quintessential sounds of Charm City. Record what you hear in your Baltimore and upload them to our sound map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recording and Uploading Sounds for the Baltimore Soundscape Project:


Q. How will I get my sounds onto the Baltimore Soundscape’s Interactive Map?

A. First, you will record an excellent, interesting sound somewhere in Baltimore, using a device that allows you to upload a digital version of the sound you recorded to a computer.

After you register for the Baltimore Soundscape Project, you will receive the login username and password.

Click on “Upload” on the project’s webpage and follow the prompts. Q. What types of files can I upload?

A. Our first choice is MP3 files. If you have a file that you'd like to upload and are not sure how to convert it, email us for more information.

Q. Can any sound be uploaded?

A. Any sound from life in the city of Baltimore can be uploaded. However, as you might imagine, HASA reserves the right to delete inappropriate sounds at any time for any reason.  

Q. Is there a file size limit?

A. File size limit is 1 megabyte or 30 seconds in length.

Q. Can you tell me about your partnership with MOBTOWNmoon?

A. We are proud to partner with Baltimore musicians and their exciting project, MOBTOWNmoon, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon. View our contest winners here>>.

Q. Can I do it as a community/class project?

A. Absolutely!  Many teachers have been using the project in their classrooms, from elementary school to college.  You can download a toolkit to help give you ideas and to share resources.

Q. What recording device should I use?

A. You are free to use any recording device that allows you to create a digital audio file and upload it to your computer. Here are some suggestions:

Hearing and Speech AgencyHarry and Jeanette Weinberg Building 5900 Metro Drive Baltimore, MD 21215 410.318.6780