HASA’s Listening and Spoken Language Center offers three age-specific programs and additional services for children and their families. 

Parents & Infants Sessions (birth to 15 months old)

Each family meets weekly all year with the teacher/speech-language pathologist for individualized attention and to learn ways to establish early communication with the child.

Parents & Toddlers Sessions (15 to 36 months old)

Parents and toddlers meet once or twice a week as a group and on an individualized basis for therapy with a speech-language pathologist. Sessions focus on enhancing listening and verbal expression, both of which are necessary for social interactions and pre-academic learning. This is a year-round program.

Gateway School’s Listening and Spoken Language Preschool Program (2 to 5 years old)

HASA’s Listening and Spoken Language Preschool, “Little Ears, Big Voices” is for children whose primary challenge is hearing loss. We teach children with severe to profound hearing loss to listen and to talk, providing early childhood education and auditory training. Our preschool is for children, ages 2 to 5, who use amplification or who have a cochlear implant. 

Our language-based curriculum is aligned with learning objectives set by the Maryland State Department of Education. Full-day classes meet daily. Small-group and individual instruction is provided by a teacher and a speech-language pathologist. Please read more about our Listening and Spoken Language preschool, a program of HASA’s Gateway School, here:  Listening and Spoken Language Preschool


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