Meet Some of our Listening and Spoken Language Families

HASA and The Johns Hopkins Listening Center joined together to create a series of videos about the importance of early identification of hearing loss for children. Language and literacy are both built on a foundation of listening and spoken communication. Hear from children and families working with the Listening Center and The Hearing and Speech Agency about how early detection and intervention have helped children with hearing loss.

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Early Hearing Intervention for Children: The Hearing and Speech Agency


Learn from parents, children with hearing loss, and the experts at The Hearing and Speech Agency about why hearing intervention at a very young age is critical to building the foundation for listening, learning and preparing for life. Learn more>>

Cochlear Implantation in Children: Johns Hopkins Listening Center

Children who have experienced hearing loss at a young age, their parents and specialists from Johns Hopkins Listening Center discuss the importance of detecting hearing loss early and how cochlear implants can help children develop speech and language skills. Learn more>>


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