Introduction - Hearing and Speech Agency


Perhaps what makes HASA stand out is its unique integration of high-quality audiology services, therapy, and education for infants and children with hearing loss. Rather than trying to piece together audiology, education and speech therapy programs, parents come to The Hearing and Speech Agency’s Listening and Spoken Language Program so that their child can have constant monitoring by our expert audiologists, progressive therapy and education that can serve their language and cognitive development needs from birth to age 5. 

Our preschoolers receive daily hearing-device checks and can take advantage of their classroom’s FM systems, if needed. They can “grow up” in a consistent, loving environment where they will be supported and taught, where professionals will not hesitate to suggest more appropriate technology as the children grow and develop, and where they can build a peer group of children who face similar challenges.

About the Listening and Spoken Language Program

Our clients are children from birth through age 5 with hearing loss who use amplification or cochlear implants. (Children older than 5 come to the Center for speech therapy.) Reliable research studies show that when children with hearing loss receive specialized services before 6 months of age, their communication skills and education may remain on par with their hearing peers. 

Older children (age 2-5) are welcome to attend our Gateway School’s Listening and Spoken Language Preschool, “Little Ears, Big Voices.” Read below about this unique full-day or half-day program designed to prepare young children with hearing loss for mainstream education.

Parents as Partners

Parent participation is an important factor affecting a child’s ability to learn to listen and to speak. Families and the staff work together to teach the children to listen and talk. Parents of infants and toddlers participate in family group sessions where they can learn to reinforce their child’s auditory learning and to create the best listening and speaking environment for the child at home. 

Our Professional Team

Each of HASA’s enthusiastic professionals meets Maryland’s certification and licensing requirements and provides group and individual instruction. Youngsters learn from a teacher with expertise in oral-deaf education, and they receive therapy from a speech-language pathologist. An audiologist and a social worker help identify and meet the needs of each child and family.

State-of-the-Art Environment

Classrooms are state of the art, with sound-field systems and observation booths. Art and music, library, computer lab, and gym are visited daily, as is the playground when weather permits. Families have access to counseling services, a resource library, support groups, and other services.

Applications and Financial Assistance

Applications are accepted year-round. Families are encouraged to apply for scholarships and financial assistance.

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