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Restaurant Noise: Meet Your Match

It’s an ageless problem: you are seated at a restaurant, only to realize that you can hardly hear your companions. You may find yourself repeating “I’m sorry, what?” or simply nodding along, pretending you know what was said.

From business meetings to family dinners and date nights, a noisy venue can ruin your mood, test your patience, and potentially damage to your hearing.

Hoping to avoid this problem? The following strategies can help set you up for excellent dinner conversation.

  1. Before you visit a new restaurant, do your research. Apps like SoundPrint take sound recordings from other visitors to determine the average noise level in a restaurant. You can search by location, sound level, and more to find the perfect spot to eat.
  2. Once you arrive (or on your reservation), let staff know you would like a quiet dining experience. Many staff members, especially those who have been Hearing Hospitality trained, know the quietest locations in their restaurants and will do what they can to improve your dining experience. Many managers won’t hesitate to turn down background music, either - just ask!
  3. If restaurant choice is out of your control, brush up on key communication strategies. Face individuals when you are talking to them, and be sure you are speaking clearly and at a reasonable space. The classic “cupped hand behind ear” not only gives a visual cue for someone to speak up, it really can help you hear a bit better!


Not interested in hunting to find the quietest restaurants around? We did the work for you! Check out our list of quietest and loudest restaurants in Baltimore HERE.

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