Weather-Related Closings

Gateway School follows the Baltimore City Public School System delay and closure schedule for inclement weather. We will remain open if the Baltimore City Public School System closes for a heat advisory (our building is air-conditioned) or a cold weather advisory (our building is heated). Please be advised that the city school decision can change throughout the morning or day.

Customers can assume that the remainder of HASA’s on-campus and community programs will remain open unless otherwise announced on our website or social media channels. These services include speech-language or occupational therapy appointments, audiology appointments, ASL classes, or CIRS interpreting assignments in the community, among others.

Opening/Closing information can be found:

  • Automated voicemail system: 410-318-6780

HASAHarry and Jeanette Weinberg Building 5900 Metro Drive Baltimore, MD 21215 410.318.6780