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ASL New Year's Resolution

   As I entered Zion Baptist Church for the first time, I was intrigued to see someone using sign language to perform songs and relay messages from the pastor. Immediately following service, I asked one of the members if there was a class being offered. Not only was there a class being taught, but there was also a Deaf ministry. I began taking the beginner American Sign Language class. During one of my classes, my instructor invited some Deaf and hard of hearing members of the church to share their unique stories. They were really excited that the hearing individuals in the class were making an effort to communicate with them in ASL.

  This was the beginning of my interest in becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). I began volunteering at HASA in Baltimore, MD to further explore my interest in Speech-Language Pathology. Volunteering has allowed me to gain insight into the various ways Speech-Language Pathologists assist clients and parents and the wide variety of treatment plans available.

  My new year’s resolution is to increase my use of sign language and progress to an intermediate level. I hope to gain ASL skills that will help me to succeed in the field of Speech-Language Pathology so that I can work with children to communicate both verbally and non-verbally.



Charlene Bruton is a volunteer at HASA.



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