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In 1926, Olive Whildin founded the Speech Readers’ League of Baltimore, which quickly became a popular community center for the hard of hearing. Miss Whildin later became Dr. Whildin as she graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1934. The daughter of Deaf missionaries, Dr. Whildin was a Baltimore native committed to advocacy for education and services for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. Dr. Whildin’s methods of educating Deaf students are sometimes called into question as being anti-sign or otherwise oppressive, but throughout her career Dr. Whildin learned, developed, and grew as an educator.

For 91 years, HASA has taken on many names and identities. Today, we are proud to empower our clients to communicate in the way that is right for them. Our founder, Dr. Olive Whildin, had these same ideals when she founded The Speech Readers' League of Baltimore. Although HASA promotes individual choice, not speech reading (or lipreading) exclusively, we still stand behind the revolutionary spirit of Dr. Whildin. She worked to provide communication services, build a community, and create change, just as we do today. The Whildin Society honors Dr. Whildin’s tremendous accomplishments and commitment to providing quality services in HASA’s earliest days. Becoming a member of The Whildin Society demonstrates your commitment to quality service, community, and care. Join today and become a supporter of communication for all.

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