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5 Things You Should Know About Gateway School

HASA’s Gateway School has been serving students from Baltimore and the surrounding counties for 60 years. As we prepare to celebrate this milestone at A Very MOD Affair, here are 5 things you should know about Gateway School.



1. We are not exclusively a school for the Deaf.

    While historically many of our students were Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, we now serve students with a variety of special communication needs. Students may communicate verbally, physically using ASL or gestures, or using assistive technology like an iPad. All of this work is supported by teachers, speech language pathologists and other skilled staff members.


2. In 2017, we launched our public Pre-K program.

    After receiving a state grant, Gateway became home to 4 classrooms of typically developing Pre-K students. These students participate in a language-rich curriculum that prioritizes literacy and communication. Our Pre-K students learn, explore and play every day in our state-of-the-art facilities with our excellent teachers and staff!


3. After graduating from Gateway, students follow many paths.

    Some students may enter a mainstream program at their local public school, while others may transition to a high school program with more support for their communication needs. Some of our Gateway alumni even end up working for HASA!


4. Gateway students do not all graduate at age 12.

    Some students graduate after a single year at Gateway, while others spend multiple years learning and growing with us. This often depends on how young the student was when they joined the Gateway family and their individual progress.


5. Gateway teachers and staff spend over one hundred hours every year on professional development.

    This focus on growth and development for staff creates an environment that allows students to learn and thrive. With a student-to-staff ratio of 2:1 (even less, in some classes), students have the support they need to develop the skills critical for success.

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