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Common Hearing Aid Misconceptions

Misconceptions drive people away from truly understanding hearings aids. The worrying part here is that these misconceptions can cloud how hearing aids can truly improve the way people live.



1. Hearing Aids Are For the Elderly Only

This is the most common misconception about hearing aids. Because we normally see this device worn by the elderly, we think hearing loss is only for old people. The hard truth is that, hearing loss can occur in all stages of life. There are many causes of hearing loss, but the most usual is exposure to extremely loud sounds. This makes everyone susceptible to hearing loss. So no, hearing aids are not only for the elderly. They are for everybody who needs them, regardless of age.


2. One Hearing Aid Is Enough


It is not unusual for hearing loss to affect both ears. And when this happens, it won’t be enough to get only one hearing aid. Why? Because we hear best with both ears — our brains are wired to work that way. If you have hearing loss in both ears, invest in 2 devices.


3. Hearing Aids Are Amplifiers Only


With today’s impressive technology, the functionality of hearing aids is no longer just amplification. Hearing aid features will definitely surprise you. AHearing aids can now reduce background noises to focus on voices. Others can even be connected to your smartphone, which enables you to enjoy your favorite music through your hearing aids.


4. My Hearing Loss Is Not Severe Enough to Get Hearing Aids


Hearing loss may happen suddenly or be gradual. But in most cases, hearing loss progresses over time when we fail to treat it. If you think you are experiencing hearing loss, it’s always best to see an audiologist right away. Seeking treatment can help you prevent further impacts that results from worsening hearing loss.


5. Hearing Aids Are Unattractive


Bulky and uncomfortable — these are just a words that come along when people talk about hearing aids. While this may be have been true in the past, improved technology has made it possible for hearing devices to improve drastically. Today, hearing aids are much more attractive in terms of size, quality, and aesthetic.


You shouldn’t force yourself to be content living with hearing loss. Instead, open yourself up to ways you can reconnect with you world. If you think you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t hesitate out to hearing healthcare professionals. Their expert advice can help you fully understand your condition and aid you in picking out the best device for your hearing needs.


Kelvin Lee is the owner of Listening Lab — a prime destination for hearing aids and hearing care services. He has a specialised team of healthcare professionals who has a collective experience of more than 4 decades in the hearing care industry.

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