• Call for Presenters

    Call for Presenters

    HASA | CIRS Interpreting is soliciting presenters for our 2016 Spring, Summer and Fall Professional Development Series. We endeavor to provide educational opportunities to advance individuals in the field of interpreting and ASL Education. Our goal is to participate in the further development of READ MORE>>

  • Finding Your Path Conference 2016

    Finding Your Path Conference 2016

    On Wednesday, January 13, I had the privilege of attending the Finding Your Path 2nd Annual Leadership Conference hosted by Pathfinders for Autism. The event, as our program said, “enable[d] Pathfinders for Autism to continue providing free information and resource referrals, parent and professional training, first responder training, and inclusive recreational activities to individuals with autism, their families and caregivers.” READ MORE>>

  • Professional Communication: Part Four

    Professional Communication: Part Four

    Okay. So you cleaned up your social media accounts, you’ve done a dozen read-throughs of your fancy new resume, and you met a potential employer who was so impressed by your non-verbal and dress communication that he/she has scheduled an interview with you. Now what? READ MORE>>

  • Mindfulness and Speech Therapy

    Mindfulness and Speech Therapy

    Over the past few years, articles and books discussing mindfulness exploded into the mainstream. Sharon Salzberg and Jon Kabat-Zinn joined the ranks of the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh as leaders of meditation and mindfulness instruction in the West. Search any major news outlet and you are bound to find pieces on mindfulness related to effectiveness on lessening depression compared to medication, improving hospice care, and relieving insomnia. READ MORE>>

  • Professional Communication: Part Three

    Professional Communication: Part Three

    One of the most important things to remember when you’re applying for jobs is to clean up your social media presence. What does this mean? Don’t post crap. READ MORE>>

  • Communicating Hope Campaign

    Communicating Hope Campaign

    Fifteen years ago, The Hearing and Speech Agency (HASA) launched the Communicating Hope campaign to raise the funds needed to move from St. Paul Street and build a state-of-the-art facility that was READ MORE>>



    Last time, we talked about communicating the right message through your personal appearance. But what about the things that communicate for you AFTER that first interaction? Remember that once you leave, your resume has to speak for you. Even if you make the best possible first impression by following all the suggestions in our first blog post of the series, a poorly-done resume could be your undoing. READ MORE>>

  • The Changing Landscape of Autism

    The Changing Landscape of Autism

    Autism has been riddled with conflict throughout the years, permeating every facet of its existence in modern society. Debates continue regarding the cause of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), inciting further inquisition into READ MORE>>

  • iPad Grant Available to Individuals with Autism

    iPad Grant Available to Individuals with Autism

    There is much research on the reason why the iPad is such a valuable learning tool for students with communication challenges. Among the benefits are its portability, opportunity for independent learning, and ease of use. Of course, the biggest drawback has been (and still is) affordability. The devices READ MORE>>



    A little over a week ago, I attended a Career Fair at a nearby University. It was a fun and beneficial experience, both for me and I hope for the young professionals who attended. What surprised me about many students was their presentation of self. Many were well-dressed, well-spoken, and obviously well-informed. But there were some I desired to offer advice in order to prepare them better for the professional world. READ MORE>>

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