• Autism Fast Facts

    Autism Fast Facts

    Education leads to awareness leads to understanding leads to acceptance. We're coming to the end of Autism Awareness and Appreciation Month and it's important to remember the basic facts of autism in order to educate others. READ MORE>>

  • Learning Theory & Speech Therapy

    Learning Theory & Speech Therapy

    At Towson University’s recent Speech-Language Pathology Conference, Dr. Mary Alt presented recent research conducted by herself and her colleagues regarding intervention based on Learning Theory. Here, we present a summary of the research and how it can impact treatment. READ MORE>>

  • Creating a Speakeasy Vibe

    Creating a Speakeasy Vibe

    We are in full roaring twenties mode at the office.  Adding a touch of moonshine to the centerpieces? Check. Finding a stand-up bass player to complete our ragtime band? Check. Inviting dance instructors to teach us to Charleston and Lindy?  Check and check.  READ MORE>>

  • Using ASL: A Volunteer's Story

    Using ASL: A Volunteer's Story

    I’m Lauren. I am a certified speech-language pathologist and I am fluent in Spanish. I also have Cerebral Palsy (CP) and am a quadriplegic wheelchair user. Many of my friends have disabilities and while most of us can hear, we communicate in many variable, but beautiful ways. Some of my friends have limited speech and communicate via ASL. I have always wanted to learn ASL, but due to my CP and the way it makes my hands move, I never thought I could learn. However, my fears did not deter me from a strong desire to learn ASL. READ MORE>>

  • Deaf President Now Movement

    Deaf President Now Movement

    When the Deaf President Now protests began at Gallaudet, I followed them closely. My nephew, Phil Bravin, was on the Board of Trustees, to be appointed Chair of the Board, leading to the selection of King Jordan, as President of Gallaudet University. READ MORE>>

  • Community & Professional Resources, Part Three: Speech-Language & Hearing Health

    Community & Professional Resources, Part Three: Speech-Language & Hearing Health

    Maintaining good health isn't just about your overall physical wellness: it has to do with your hearing health and your speech-language skills as well. HASA is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide superior hearing and speech-language services in the greater Baltimore community. READ MORE>>

  • Celebrate Deaf History Month

    Celebrate Deaf History Month

    It's Deaf History Month! I’ve said this to friends and family, and the typical response is, “When? March? April?” and my answer is always, “Both!” Before you get confused, let me explain. Deaf History Month is celebrated from March 13 to April 15 every year to recognize key historic events in Deaf heritage. So here’s your history lesson for the day. READ MORE>>

  • Community & Professional Resources | Part Two: Deafness

    Community & Professional Resources | Part Two: Deafness

    There are many resources available for the Deaf Community in Maryland. Here are a few that our CIRS Interpreting Department refers to READ MORE>>

  • Stuttering at the Oscars

    Stuttering at the Oscars

    When you think about stuttering in the media, you might envision Porky Pig—not very flattering or accurate. Contemporary artists are working to change the way stuttering is portrayed in the media. How successful have they been? READ MORE>>

  • Community & Professional Resources, Part One: Autism

    Community & Professional Resources, Part One: Autism

    Autism is a developmental disorder present from early childhood that impairs an individual’s ability to communicate and interact. This can mean the child has difficulty forming relationships, communicating concepts, picking up on social cues, and more. READ MORE>>

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