A little personal history. My sister is two years older than I, so when she was 5 and entering kindergarten, I was the unruly 3 year old who wanted to do everything she did. When my mother became a parent helper in my sister’s kindergarten class, I obviously had to join. As long as I kept out of the way and behaved myself, I was welcome. And in that class, the teacher spent time every day going over the alphabet in English and in American Sign Language. As the students reviewed the letters, they learned the signs that corresponded to each letter. READ MORE>>

  • HASA Headquarters

    HASA Headquarters

    Throughout HASA’s 90-year history, the organization moved several times, especially in the first few years. We take the opportunity to look back on the several locations that housed the burgeoning non-profit in its service to the Baltimore Community. READ MORE>>

  • Goodbye Gateway Graduates

    Goodbye Gateway Graduates

    Every year in June, we at The Hearing and Speech Agency experience a bittersweet day when we say good-bye to our Gateway graduates who move on to bigger and better things. This year we were especially proud (and sad) to say farewell to a graduating class of 14 Gateway students, some of whom have been with us for years. READ MORE>>

  • A Message from the Board President

    A Message from the Board President

    This spring, HASA’s Executive Director, Susan Glasgow, informed me of her intention to retire.  We will certainly miss her passionate, kind, and diligent leadership of all of HASA’s programs and services.  We are very happy for Susan that she is able to leave HASA in sound financial condition and as one of the foremost organizations in the Baltimore region for helping families and individuals achieve their communication goals.  The HASA board of directors looks forward to building on Susan’s legacy. READ MORE>>

  • An Important Announcement from HASA

    An Important Announcement from HASA

    After careful consideration, I have announced my plan to retire from HASA.  The decision has been well considered, though not easy. I have been well supported in achieving my vision, and I am ready to turn over the position to the next fortunate person who gets what I think is a dream job with an amazing Board and staff, serving a fantastic organization and community. READ MORE>>

  • HASA in History

    HASA in History

    November 19, 2016 marks HASA's 90th anniversary! The past 90 years, the organization went through four name changes, several program expansions, and at least eight headquarter locations. Check out our history timeline here to read more about HASA's history.

  • Talking is Teaching

    Talking is Teaching

    The foundation for communication is laid early on. Talking is Teaching, an organization paired with Too Small to Fail, provides infographics and resources for parents to help boost language skills.READ MORE>>

  • A Speakeasy Gala: That's a wrap

    A Speakeasy Gala: That's a wrap

    On May 13, 2016, we held a wonderful fundraising gala at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. VIBE '16: Speakeasy was an opportunity to celebrate our 90th anniversary and to raise funds for our interpreting, educational and therapeutic services in Baltimore and central Maryland. Before we close the books on VIBE '16, it's time for a little look back at a very memorable evening. READ MORE>>

  • Oscar the Office Cat

    Oscar the Office Cat

    Well, last week was definitely an adventure here at The Hearing and Speech Agency! If you’ve followed HASA on Facebook or Twitter at all in the last few days, you’ll know that we had a visitor-almost-turned-mascot turn up. Allow me to regale you with the story of #Oscartheofficecat and his couple of days with us here. READ MORE>>

  • A look at our founder

    A look at our founder

    In the past year, HASA has prepared for its upcoming 90th anniversary in November of 2016. Part of the preparation has included the HASAfacts you can see every day through our social media channels, some of our more recent #ThrowbackThursday pictures from our burgeoning archive, and planning for our major VIBE event that is this evening called Speakeasy: A Roaring Twenties Gala. But the most fun I know I’ve had has to be the research into the people whose pursuit and passion made these past 90 years possible. READ MORE>>

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