• Focusing the Fidget

    Focusing the Fidget

    In my family, we could be sitting around the dinner table and you would see a tremor in our drinks or on our plates. My Mom would hold the table and say, “All right, who’s fidgeting?” Inevitably it was either my brother or me, but on any given day it was a toss-up between all four of us. We were chronic fidgeters, all of us, and the command to “sit still” would only get so far. READ MORE>>

  • Fluency 101: Causes of Stuttering

    Fluency 101: Causes of Stuttering

    In part 2 of our Fluency 101 series, we discuss the potential causes of stuttering. Learn about different types of stuttering, the four factors that contribute to persistent stuttering, and the potential for “spontaneous recovery.”  READ MORE>>

  • Cochlear Implants 2016: Advances in Technology, Candidacy & Outcomes

    Cochlear Implants 2016: Advances in Technology, Candidacy & Outcomes

    Cochlear implant candidacy and outcomes have advanced reflecting technology improvements and better linkage between the surgical intervention and follow-up care. Children and adults with a wider range of hearing loss and other medical issues are now benefiting importantly from traditional cochlear implants as well as hybrid and auditory brainstem implant. READ MORE>>

  • Fall 2016 Newsletter

    Fall 2016 Newsletter

    HASA's Fall 2016 newsletter is hot off the presses!  Read about Susan Glasgow's retirement announcement, our lineup of fall events, information about our 90th anniversary and so much more. If you didn't receive one in your mailbox, you can still READ MORE>>

  • Fluency 101: What is Stuttering?

    Fluency 101: What is Stuttering?

    Learn about stuttering and other fluency disorders in our Fluency 101 series! We start off with discussing the characteristics of dysfluency in children and adults. READ MORE>>



    The Hearing and Speech Agency was always known for its work with the hard of hearing community. Born of an expanding lip-reading class led by our founder, Dr. Olive Whildin, the Speech Reader's League of Baltimore would originally acquire old hearing aids and dispense them as needed. While the organization continued this service, it wasn't until 1996 that HASA became a hearing aid distributer. READ MORE>>

  • Fall 2016 Events at HASA

    Fall 2016 Events at HASA

    We have a film screening, a sign language gathering, family fun days and fundraising opportunities this fall. Join us for one! READ MORE>>

  • Is It Asthma?

    Is It Asthma?

    Young athletes participate in strenuous training programs, pushing their bodies to the limits to build strength and skill. Breathing difficulties can have a serious impact on performance in practice and competitions—and cause stress for the athletes. Let’s look at how to differentiate between exercise-induced asthma and another condition, called paradoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM). READ MORE>>

  • The Community Fund #ThrowbackThursday

    The Community Fund #ThrowbackThursday

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday we visit 1940 when HASA was admitted membership to the Community Fund (now United Way). Then known as the Baltimore League for the Hard of Hearing, the organization applied to membership in the Community Fund in 1936 and was rejected. At the time, the League was still too informally organized to meet the requirements of admittance. In 1937, HASA joined the Council of Social Agencies, which made recommendations for the League to reapply as early as 1938. The organization took the next four years to fundraise and formally organize its Board of Directors before reapplying in 1940 and being granted membership. READ MORE>>

  • HASA Charter Members #ThrowbackThursday

    HASA Charter Members #ThrowbackThursday

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday we're looking back on a photo of our charter members from 1925. Though HASA was founded in 1926 as the Speech Reader's League of Baltimore, the need for the organization arose from a speech-reading class led by Dr. Olive A. Whildin for the hard of hearing. This document also affirms the date of our founding: November 19, 1926. Dr. Whildin is in this photo before she received her PhD: she is marked as the woman in the front with '13' underneath her. READ MORE>>

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