• Is It Asthma?

    Is It Asthma?

    Young athletes participate in strenuous training programs, pushing their bodies to the limits to build strength and skill. Breathing difficulties can have a serious impact on performance in practice and competitions—and cause stress for the athletes. Let’s look at how to differentiate between exercise-induced asthma and another condition, called paradoxical vocal fold motion (PVFM). READ MORE>>

  • The Community Fund #ThrowbackThursday

    The Community Fund #ThrowbackThursday

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday we visit 1940 when HASA was admitted membership to the Community Fund (now United Way). Then known as the Baltimore League for the Hard of Hearing, the organization applied to membership in the Community Fund in 1936 and was rejected. At the time, the League was still too informally organized to meet the requirements of admittance. In 1937, HASA joined the Council of Social Agencies, which made recommendations for the League to reapply as early as 1938. The organization took the next four years to fundraise and formally organize its Board of Directors before reapplying in 1940 and being granted membership. READ MORE>>

  • HASA Charter Members #ThrowbackThursday

    HASA Charter Members #ThrowbackThursday

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday we're looking back on a photo of our charter members from 1925. Though HASA was founded in 1926 as the Speech Reader's League of Baltimore, the need for the organization arose from a speech-reading class led by Dr. Olive A. Whildin for the hard of hearing. This document also affirms the date of our founding: November 19, 1926. Dr. Whildin is in this photo before she received her PhD: she is marked as the woman in the front with '13' underneath her. READ MORE>>

  • Electronic Health Records

    Electronic Health Records

    Until late 2015, HASA was keeping track of clients' medical records the way it had been doing for decades prior: paper files. It may seem surprising at a time when computers are commonplace that paper files would still be used, but the reality is that the transition from paper files to computer files involves a substantial amount of difficulty and expense. To successfully make the transition, READ MORE>>

  • Hearing and Speech Agency Day #ThrowbackThursday

    Hearing and Speech Agency Day #ThrowbackThursday

    Today for #ThrowbackThursday we're only going back 12 years to May 5, 2004. By Baltimore County Executive Proclamation, May 5, 2004 was declared as Hearing and Speech Agency Day in honor of the organization moving into its new, state-of-the-art facility at 5900 Metro Drive. The text of the proclamation is as follows: READ MORE>>



    As a millennial, I’m calling on all other millennials to get involved. As the ADA-generation, we have to carry on the work of the generations before us that laid the foundation for equal access. I had the opportunity to recognize my own shortcomings last week when I attended the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on July 26, 2016. READ MORE>>

  • Using Sign Language in Speech Therapy

    Using Sign Language in Speech Therapy

    There are many benefits of using sign language in speech therapy. For speech-language pathologists and audiologists who want to learn some basic ASL that is appropriate and geared to a therapeutic setting, HASA has just the class for you. READ MORE>>

  • Being an ADHD Kid-turned-Adult

    Being an ADHD Kid-turned-Adult

    The summer is halfway over and kids are enjoying time off to relax and recharge before the school year starts again. For some kids, school is anticipated with happiness and excitement. For others, especially girls, September is feared because it means confronting a problem without a name. READ MORE>>

  • A Gateway Success: Helping Superman Fly

    A Gateway Success: Helping Superman Fly

    Meet Chris. This happy, healthy baby began to change at 14 months of age.  According to his mom, it was “as if someone hit the dimmer switch.” READ MORE>>



    A little personal history. My sister is two years older than I, so when she was 5 and entering kindergarten, I was the unruly 3 year old who wanted to do everything she did. When my mother became a parent helper in my sister’s kindergarten class, I obviously had to join. As long as I kept out of the way and behaved myself, I was welcome. And in that class, the teacher spent time every day going over the alphabet in English and in American Sign Language. As the students reviewed the letters, they learned the signs that corresponded to each letter. READ MORE>>

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