Better Hearing and Speech Month at HASA! - Hearing and Speech Agency

Better Hearing and Speech Month at HASA!

Every May, we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month along with hundreds of SLPs, Audiologists, and organizations across the country.


For everyone at HASA, Better Hearing and Speech Month is a celebration of what we do every day: improving communication. From our school to our clinic to our ASL classrooms, our building is filled to the brim with caring, passionate, and skilled staff working toward communication for all.

This year we are taking our mission to the streets of Baltimore and to give you tools to improve communication in your daily life!

  1. Never shout over restaurant noise again! Our partnership with SoundPrint gives Baltimoreans the power to protect their hearing health and have meaningful conversations. Not from Baltimore? Use the app to add restaurants in your city!
  2. Find out more about your hearing health at HASA’s Lunch & Learns on May 15 and May 22 at Roland Park Public Library. Our staff audiologists and a hearing aid representative will explain the basics of hearing health and answer your questions. Register today - spots are filling up fast! 
  3. Give the budding readers in your life a leg up! Check out our Summer Literacy Program: a pre-literacy camp for children ages 2-8. Beat summer slide, boost confidence, and enhance skills, all with one program! Register here.

From the entire HASA team, Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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