Hearing Health Services


The professional staff are sensitive to the concerns of their older clients in particular. During the hearing examination, the audiologists go out of their way to explain the changes in the ear during the aging process. Clients also are reassured when they see that HASA dispenses a full spectrum of hearing ads. Many are small and discreet yet calibrated to compensate for their particular limitation.

Another client concern is the cost of testing and hearing aids. To alleviate these worries and to ensure that lack of financial resources does not prevent access to care, HASA’s staff provides financial aid applications. Sign language interpreters and other staff members, including employees fluent in other languages, are available if the client needs interpretation services.

Financial support comes from individuals and organizations that share HASA’s concern for the quality of life among this population.


Adults with hearing loss frequently are not aware of the extent of their impairment because it progresses gradually and is not noticed until it affects their quality of life. Adult services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations, including the ABR (auditory brainstem response) test for adults with developmental disorders
  • Cochlear Implant candidacy evaluation and counseling
  • Routine cochlear implant mapping
  • Hearing aid evaluation, selection, and customization
  • Hearing aids (from standard analog to the latest digital technology)
  • Hearing aid repair
  • Assistive listening devices, including Personal FM systems and Bluetooth devices 
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Cerumen (ear wax) removal


HASA audiologists are experts in pediatric audiology.  They are especially talented at working with babies and children. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes sophisticated ABR (auditory brainstem response) equipment for performing accurate hearing tests on babies and young children who cannot be tested behaviorally. HASA Audiologists Provide the Following Services for Babies and Children:

  • Comprehensive hearing testing, including middle ear testing and cochlear outer hair cell testing
  • Hearing aid evaluation, selection, customization, repair and modifications
  • Advice and sale of hearing aid accessories and batteries 
  • Hearing aid dispensing (digital technology from all major manufacturers)
  • Fitting of custom earmolds 
  • Custom hearing protection, including musician’s plugs and swim plugs
  • Personal FM systems
  • Cerumen (earwax) removal prior to testing


HASA’s Cochlear Implant Services Team of audiologists and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) offer an integrated program to pre- and post-cochlear implant patients. For children receiving a cochlear implant, HASA offers a continuum of auditory/oral services for children from infancy through age 5 or 6 years. Our program prepares children with hearing loss for mainstream kindergarten and for success in the hearing/speaking world.

Children with cochlear implants who receive aural habilitation services at HASA and preschoolers in our Auditory/Oral Preschool, “Little Ears, Big Voices,” have easy access to HASA audiologists for continuous mapping and assistive-device repair. They can also rely on HASA audiologists and SLPs for on-going aural habilitation. All HASA professionals in the Auditory/Oral program have the highest level of certification and at least master’s level degrees. Moreover, HASA offers an intimate, family-centered environment, state-of-the-art facility and equipment, free and ample parking and friendly staff willing to devote special attention to each patient.

Pre-implant services:

  • Initial Candidacy Assessment
  • Speech-Language Evaluation
  • Cochlear Implant Consultation

Post-implant services:

  • Activation
  • Routine Mapping
  • Aural rehabilitation for children up to age 5 
  • Speech-language therapy
  • Parent groups
  • Full-day, year-round, Auditory/Oral Preschool Program, “Little Ears, Big Voices” 
  • Aural rehabilitation for post-implant adults
  • Speech-reading classes
  • Lip-reading classes
  • Routine Mapping
  • Advocacy training


HASA audiologists welcome the opportunity to come to your school or place of business to perform hearing screenings for students or staff. Results of the screenings indicate whether or not hearing is normal or shows signs of abnormality and should be further evaluated. Prices vary with size of group. Please contact Olga Polites, Director of Clinical Services, at 410.318.6780 or opolites@hasa.org for more information.

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